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For well-being and a confident step! In the Wellness Spa Center, we have prepared body transformation programs for you, which include the following treatments...


Do you want a more toned figure? Are extra pounds and/or orange skin driving you crazy? Let us come to your aid.

We are distinguished by many experiences and satisfied customers who achieved a slimmer and more beautiful figure with body transformation programs and faced new challenges with more confidence.

Check out the range of body transformation programs:


It is a ritual known for thousands of years, which accelerates the detoxification of the body and improves the appearance of the skin. With proper brushing, we speed up the lymphatic circulation, improve the blood circulation of the skin and perform a gentle exfoliation of the skin, which removes the dead layer of cells.

We add a rejuvenating coating to the brushing for better skin regeneration.

At your disposal:

  • Dry brushing of the body with a rejuvenating wrap (60 min)


It stimulates the lymphatic system, acts on the circulatory system and rejuvenates tissues and muscles.

At your disposal are:

  • Biostimulation - body (30 min)
  • Ultrasound or microcurrents - part of the face (10 min)
  • Ultrasound or microcurrents - whole face (30 min)


Pantha Rei drainage helps to increase the energy level, accelerates the processes of cellular oxidation and regeneration, and helps to raise immune resistance. It is a preventive method that accelerates the removal of waste substances and fluid from the body.

In addition to cleaning and detoxifying the organism, lymphatic drainage affects the nervous system and enables deep relaxation, which is why the method is also suitable for stress relief.

At your disposal are:

  • Pantha Rei rejuvenation drainage (70 min)
  • Pantha Rei drainage fluid reduction
  • and cellulite (45 min)


Aromawickel is a method of body transformation aimed at critical parts of the body such as thighs, hips, buttocks, abdomen.

We usually face aesthetic problems in these places, such as accumulated fat due to excess body weight, cellulite, flaccid tissue, a tendency to swelling, lymphatic congestion and hematomas can occur.

At your disposal:

  • Aroma wrap (45 min)


Maderotherapy is a massage with wooden rollers. It comes from the word madera, which means wood in Spanish. Wood therapy has ancient origins in Eastern cultures, where wooden tools are used in the practice of massage.

It is a special Colombian massage technique designed to eliminate cellulite and transform the body. With it, we influence the acceleration of circulation and lymph in the body. We affect the breakdown of cellulite and improve the appearance of the skin.

At your disposal are:

  • Maderotherapy of legs and buttocks (50 min)
  • Maderotherapy of the whole body (80 min)
  • Maderotherapy of the face (50 min)


Massage helps eliminate the appearance of orange skin, strengthens and smooths the skin. It is performed with natural oils with an anti-cellulite effect, which accelerates microcirculation and nourishes the skin.

At your disposal:

  • Defi Cellulite (45 min)


Lymphatic drainage is a preventive and curative method, which is used to stimulate the smooth flow of lymph to the venous circulation, which detoxifies the body and returns swollen limbs to their normal size.

If it is carried out preventively, it works to clean the organism in which poisons accumulate, which can be felt as heaviness of the body and metabolic disorders. Lymphatic drainage allows the free flow of intercellular fluid and creates a feeling of lightness in the body.

At your disposal are:

  • Lymphatic drainage of the legs (60 min)
  • Lymphatic drainage of the hands (30 min)


Lymph-up is a revolutionary drainage technique that works on deeper layers - on the subcutaneous tissue, where fat cells are located, as well as on connective tissue. The treatment is a wonderful drainage and modeling massage, the results of which are immediate and incredible.

The treatment is recommended for the reduction of cellulite and fluid retention conditions, as well as for the treatment of lymphedema and lipedema. The drainage technique is powerful, it removes toxins from the body, reduces the volume and removes the feeling of tired and heavy legs.

The treatment consists of a partial or full abdominal massage or a combination of the abdomen and legs. The duration of the treatment is 90 minutes. Results are visible after the first treatment!

At your disposal are:

  • Lymph-Up (90 min)
  • Facial Limph-Up (60 min)


For maximum effect in a short time, we have designed the following body transformation packages for you:

Body transformation - 5 visits

It contains the following services:

  • 1 x Dry body brushing with wrap,
  • 1 x Pantha Rei fluid and cellulite reduction,
  • 2 x Defi cellulite,
  • 1 x Maderotherapy (legs, buttocks)

Body Transformation Package - 6 visits

It contains the following services:

  • 3 x Aromawickel,
  • 2 x Maderotherapy abdomen, legs, buttocks,
  • 1 x Dry brushing of the body with a rejuvenating wrap

Body Transformation Package - 7 visits

It contains the following services:

  • 1 x Dry body brushing with wrap,
  • 1 x Pantha rei fluid and cellulite reduction,
  • 2 x Defi cellulite,
  • 1 x Maderotherapy (legs, buttocks),
  • 1 x Pantha Rei Rejuvenation Drainage,
  • 1 x Biostimulation of the body

Body Transformation Package - 8 visits

It contains the following services:

  • 4 x Aromawickel,
  • 1 x Dry brushing of the body with a rejuvenating wrap,
  • 1x Biostimulation - body,
  • 1x Maderotherapy abdomen, legs, buttocks,
  • 1 x Pantha Rei drainage fluid and cellulite reduction

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