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Manual lymphatic drainage in Zdravilišče Laško


Lymphatic drainage is a gentle manual technique to speed up the drainage of lymphatic fluid from areas of the body where it is stagnant.

The number of patients with lymphedema is increasing in Slovenia

We have something very important in our body - a transport system - lymphatic system. In our body, it plays the role of a "cleaner", and removes up to four liters of lymph fluid from the tissues every day. The lymphatic system collects, transports and filters intercellular fluid. The latter takes place in the lymph nodes, which play a very important role in our body. They take care of our immune system. When there is an injury or malfunction of the lymphatic system, the lymphatic fluid begins to stagnate in the tissue. This is called lymphedema.

Today, the most common cause of lymphedema formation is surgical treatment of malignant tumors by removing local lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are most often removed in breast cancer (axillary lymph nodes) and in abdominal operations (gynecological operations), where inguinal lymph nodes are removed. Lymphedema (swelling) does not develop overnight, it can appear several years after surgery.

Timely treatment is important

If lymphedema is not treated in time and properly, the accumulation of protein-rich fluid activates the cells that produce new connective tissues. It becomes "hard edema", which is called fibrosis. There are many factors to consider when treating lymphedema, including the disease progression if we do not begin to rehabilitate it in time. The most appropriate approach to treatment lymphedema is a combined physical therapy that includes manual lymphatic drainage, skin care, therapeutic exercises, and compression wrapping or wearing compression garments.

In conjunction with breathing exercises, daily exercise encourages lymph flow, increases and maintains the range of motion of the limb, strengthens and maintains muscle strength. Swimming, water exercises, walking and moderate aerobic exercises are recommended. It is necessary to be aware that this part of the body is no longer able to carry out all physiological processes in the same way as before the operation. The body is only able to compensate for the lack of functioning of the lymphatic system for a certain period of time, so correct and timely treatment is necessary.

First hand impression

Magdalena Kač from Ljubljana,
user of special lymphatic drainage

»Special lymphatic drainage is extremely good in Thermana Laško. I told this to both my personal doctor and the oncologist. I am extremely satisfied with this therapy, that's why I plan on coming to Laško also for knee and cervical spine rehabilitation. Due to vascular problems, it is also very important for me that thermal water works for me. I like Laško thermal water very much, due to health problems I am forced to eat a gluten-free diet, which is also suitable for lactose intolerant people, which is not a problem for them."

Manual lymphatic drainage is not a common form of massage

It is a gentle manual technique with the help of which we accelerate the outflow lymphatic fluid from areas of the body where it stagnates. The aim is to reduce lymphoedema and prevent any complications. The technique is carried out by lympho-therapists with the appropriate skills, certified by the Dr. Vodder School in Austria. They use specific, gentle drainage techniques (circles in place, pushing techniques, thrusting techniques, scooping techniques, etc.) to remove the lymphatic fluid from the tissue. The movements are repeated and in this way stimulate the lymphatic fluid to drain from the parts of the body where it is stagnating. Manual lymphatic drainage is carried out by referral or on a self-pay basis.

With special manual lymphatic drainage technique according to dr. Vodder we can treat all lymphedemas. There are many indications in medicine:

  • edema after breast surgery,
  • primary and secondary lymphedema of the lower and upper extremities,
  • edema of the face and head,
  • edema after an injury (sprains, fractures, hematomas, frozen shoulder, torn muscles, Sudek syndrome...),
  • edema after operations,
  • burns, scars,
  • edema of supporting and connective tissue (inflammatory rheumatism, arthrosis, osteoporosis),
  • localized edema of the central and peripheral nervous system (migraines, headaches, paresis of the facial nerve, multiple sclerosis),
  • local venous edema,
  • local chronic respiratory inflammation,
  • disorders of the digestive tract,
  • dermatological indications (acne).

Treatment after breast surgery

After breast surgery, the flow of lymphatic fluid is hindered due to damaged lymphatic vessels and/or removed lymph nodes.First, there is a slight tension and a pulling sensation in the armpit and on the inside of the upper arm (at this stage, the edema is not yet visible). At this stage, manual lymphatic drainage is very important. Physiotherapy after breast surgery must be immediate, high-quality and complex. There is no cure for lymphedema, it can only be improved with physiotherapy procedures. The special lymphatic drainage procedure for edema after breast surgery is specific. Lymphatic drainage is designed to restore the flow of lymphatic fluid and support the body in fluid regulation.

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