Physiotherapy and occupational therapy

In the Physiotherapy Center of Zdravilišča Laško, with the individual and professional approach of specialists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists, we provide top-notch treatment, which is used to maintain and re-establish optimal movement and functional abilities at all stages of life.


Physiotherapy significantly reduces patients' pain, improves the functionality of the musculoskeletal system and teaches them correct movement patterns.  

Before starting physiotherapy at Thermana Laško, each patient has a conversation with the therapist, who, based on the medical history and tests, determines therapies that are adapted to the goals of each individual.

Depending on the patient's capabilities, we perform active, actively assisted or passive exercises on dry land and in the pool, and in addition, as supporting therapies, we also perform other balneotherapy, kinesiotherapy, electrotherapy, magnetotherapy, laser therapy, thermotherapy, phototherapy, hypobaric therapy, lymphatic drainage, massages and special methods and techniques performed by therapists with special skills.


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It is a thermal water treatment. Thermal baths raise the temperature in the tissues, improve blood circulation, relax muscles and joints, have an analgesic effect, improve joint mobility and strengthen the body's defenses.

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Kinesiotherapy is based on individual and group treatments that help patients gain and improve muscle strength, joint and spine mobility, balance, coordination and posture.

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Electrotherapy includes all techniques and therapies that relieve pain and strengthen weakened muscles and nerves. We use interference, diadynamic and TENS currents to relieve pain and eliminate inflammation.

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It helps in achieving top results and rapid improvement of the condition on the surface and also in the depth of the damaged and painful area. The laser enables individual selection of the right frequency and power – the lowest frequencies are chosen for the pain-relieving effect, and the highest for biostimulation. At Thermana Laško, we use the latest multi-diode laser device and high-intensity K-laser.

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At Thermani Laško, we perform joint mobilization, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, treatment according to Cyriax, Maitland and Mulligan, lymphatic drainage, treatment of Trigger points, Bowen therapy and Bobath therapy. The listed special techniques help to return the lost function more quickly. In the team, we have several qualified physiotherapists and occupational therapists who are constantly training and upgrading their knowledge.


In addition to the continuous education of physiotherapists at Thermana Laško, we also follow technological innovations in the field of physiotherapy. Newer and more powerful devices can significantly shorten rehabilitation time and increase its effectiveness.


Occupational therapy is a medical profession whose goal is to achieve the highest possible level of independence in everyday life for patients.

People with a wide variety of diagnoses, such as stroke and other neurological diseases, injuries, etc., are referred for treatment at Thermana Laško.

In occupational therapy, we place great emphasis on narrower daily activities related to self-care (learning to undress and dress independently, personal hygiene, changing, using the toilet, feeding, drinking, etc.) and broader daily activities related to inclusion in the environment (use means of transport, driving a car, taking care of the home, preparing meals, cleaning, shopping, etc.). In addition, we carry out activities aimed at gaining muscle strength, increasing mobility, improving coordination and balance, improving gross and fine motor skills and graphomotor skills, and strengthening cognitive abilities.

Occupational therapy treatment is always individual, as we are aware that each patient has their own problems and obstacles they face. As part of occupational therapy, we also perform Bobath treatment for neurological patients and BIMEO, a computer program for hand rehabilitation.


Bobath therapy is a leading neurophysiotherapeutic approach used in recovery after a stroke and other congenital or acquired defects of the central nervous system (multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, etc.). The treatment is focused on a positive approach to the patient, the transfer of therapy to everyday life and the utilization of the patient's abilities to preserve and strengthen weaker parts of the body after injuries or disease states that affect the neuromuscular system.


The purpose of the Bimeo computer system is to improve the motor skills of the impaired functional arm, such as range of motion, muscle strength and coordination. It is especially recommended for the rehabilitation of patients after stroke and injuries to the shoulder girdle, elbow and wrist.

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