Thermal pampering for friends

Spa day for girlfriends: A journey into the world of relaxation and sweet pleasures

Have you ever heard that hanging out with your girlfriends regularly can make you live longer? And what if you could upgrade this gathering with a trip to the world of relaxation? At Thermana Laško, we believe that it is time to take your friends on a trip, on a spa day for friends, which will inspire them, relax them and give them the feeling of complete disconnection in the best company.

Spa day for friends in Thermana Laško

You, dear ladies, have surely experienced this many times:

Do you coordinate socializing with your friends and repeatedly get caught up in the chaotic entanglement of dates, schedules and obligations?

And when you finally reconcile, it gets stuck on what to do with the time you have, how to make the most of it, enjoy it, experience something and deepen your relationships.

We don't have to coordinate your obligations for you, but when you succeed, leave the rest to us!

And what does that mean?

This means that a carefree journey into the world of relaxation and sweet pleasure awaits you at Thermana Laško, where we will take care of every detail of your pampering.

From the moment you step through the doors of our Wellness Spa center, you will experience supreme comfort, pampering and unforgettable time with your best friends.

When we think of pampering for our girlfriends, we imagine laughter, relaxation and unforgettable moments.

In the Wellness Spa center Thermana Laško, we offer you just such an experience - a day that you will spend in the embrace of luxurious wellness services, surrounded by the love of your best friends.

One of our most popular spa day packages for girlfriends is Ladies Day, which includes a relaxing jacuzzi, there will be a wonderful massage for friends and delicious wellness snacks, all in the company of your favorite women.

Wellness for friends

Complete relaxation in the thermal springs

When you arrive at Thermana Laško, complete relaxation awaits you in the embrace of unique thermal water. This natural source of rich minerals and elements acts as a magical elixir for relaxation and calmness.

The heat of the thermal water gently touches your body, washing away all tension and worries and leaving you completely relaxed.

Feel the tension in your muscles relax as you dive into the pool with thermal water that nourishes your skin and restores its glow.

The minerals in the water help boost your vitality, promote natural regeneration and give you a feeling of pure satisfaction.

And don't forget, drinking thermal water can also have many beneficial effects on the body, as it helps regulate digestion, strengthens the immune system and accelerates the elimination of toxins from the body.

Surrender to the power of Thermane Laško thermal springs and experience complete relaxation that will take you and your friends on a journey to inner peace and balance.

At Thermana Laško, we understand the importance of female friendship and the need for time dedicated to relaxation and pampering.

Pampering a friend

That is why we have prepared a wide range of packages that will turn your wellness for your friends into a unique experience.

In addition to the already mentioned Ladies Day, we have other options, such as, for example Mini wellness day, which includes a 3-hour bath and a relaxing back massage, or Maxi wellness day, which offers all-day pampering in the thermal springs and an extended wellness body massage.

We recommend locally dyed honey pampering package, which already includes a range of wellness services and culinary delights.

Let yourself be pampered in the embrace of the thermal springs, indulge yourself wellness relaxation and enjoy culinary indulgences, all in the company of your closest friends.

Spa pampering for friends

We are sure that your get-together will be sweet, and our exceptional chefs will take care of top flavors and full stomachs, so we recommend that you end your get-together with good food. At Thermana Laško, we value top cuisine, so every bite is a real experience.

While you're enjoying the treats, you can already plan and coordinate dates for your next indulgence, because we know that plans for future get-togethers between friends are always full of excitement.

A comfortable journey by thermal train

To make your journey to Thermane Laško easier and to make the most of your pampering experience, we offer you the option of a comfortable trip on the thermal train.

The thermal train is not only an environmentally friendly way to travel, but also an opportunity for a relaxing ride in the embrace of nature while you indulge in the anticipation of an unforgettable day of pampering.

And as a special reward for your choice of a sustainable way of travel, you can take advantage of a special discount on swimming tickets when you arrive at Thermana Laško.

This way, you can surprise your friends with an additional benefit and make your day of pampering in Thermana Laško even more beautiful.

A gift certificate for unforgettable pampering with friends

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your friends who you want to spoil and give them an unforgettable experience, then gift voucher for Thermana Laško the right choice.

With this gift voucher, you will enable your loved ones to experience carefree pampering in the embrace of luxury wellness services and relaxation.

A gift certificate is also a great opportunity for a shared experience, as friends can spend time together in Thermana Laško and enrich their friendships with unforgettable moments.

In addition, a gift voucher is also an extremely practical gift, as it allows the recipient to choose the appointment and services according to their own wishes and needs.

By purchasing a gift certificate for Thermana Laška, you will surely make your friends happy and give them a gift that will remain in their memory long after the visit.

After returning to your daily routine, you'll be dreaming about a magical day in Laško for a long time. Memories of pampering, laughter and sweet moments will fill your heart with warmth and joy.

So don't delay any longer, take your dearest friends on an unforgettable trip to the world of relaxation and sweet pleasures in Thermana Laško.

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