Terme packages for pensioners

Terme packages for pensioners: Affordable vacation in Thermana Laško

Welcome to Thermani Laško, where relaxation and enjoyment are intertwined into a pleasant experience for all generations, including our valued pensioners.

Our offer of spa packages for retirees is extensive and adapted to the needs of those who want quality rest, pampering and activities in a peaceful environment. Join us and experience unique moments of relaxation and pleasure in Thermana Laško.

Terme packages for pensioners in Thermana Park Laško and Zdravilišče Laško

Thermana Laško offers a wide range of packages and promotions which create perfect spa packages for

Enjoy an affordable retirement vacation that includes accommodation in comfortable rooms, unlimited access to thermal pools, wellness services and much more. The weekend package for pensioners allows you to have a shorter but equally relaxing break at the weekend.

We also offer special vacations for pensioners, which include various activities and trips around the area, but the healing and other properties of the unique Laško thermal water should not be ignored.

The unique Laško thermal water

Packages for pensioners in Thermana Laško

For retirees, thermal water is especially beneficial, as it helps alleviate various health problems that are more common in later years.

Drinking thermal water can help alleviate digestive problems, improve blood circulation and strengthen the immune system. Unlimited drinking of thermal water is only one of the advantages of thermal packages for pensioners.

In addition, bathing in thermal pools is an excellent form of relaxation that helps reduce joint pain, improves mobility and speeds up the healing of injuries.

Thermal water is thus an invaluable source of well-being and health for retirees who want an active and quality life.

By train to convenience

Laško is also accessible by train, which is especially suitable for retirees who want a comfortable and carefree trip.

Boarding the spa train not only enables a pleasant and comfortable journey to Thermane Laško, but also brings a 15 percent cheaper daily bathing ticket.

This special offer allows retirees to enjoy a relaxing day in the thermal pools at a more affordable price, while avoiding the worry and stress of transportation.

With this holistic approach to comfort and relaxation, Thermana Laško pays special attention to the needs and wishes of its elderly visitors, who deserve only the best.

Benefits for seniors - club members

Pensioners also have the option of free membership in the Thermana club, which brings many benefits and special offers throughout the year - affordable vacations for pensioners, excellent opportunities for weekend packages for pensioners and in general various benefits for therma packages for pensioners.

Membership provides access to exclusive discounts on services, special appointments and events, as well as additional privileges that improve the overall experience and enable additional pampering at Thermana Laško.

With this club, every visit becomes even more attractive and beneficial, and at the same time it allows pensioners to make even more use of their time in this pleasant environment with a wide range of thermal pleasures and activities.

Activities in Laško and the surrounding area

In Thermana Laško, retirees can indulge in many activities that will enrich your vacation. Enjoy various massages, exercise programs and local healthy food that will pamper your taste buds.

Our activities are designed to combine local culture, gastronomy and history with modern approaches to relaxation and recreation.

In addition, you can enjoy the outdoor fitness, where you can exercise in peace and enjoy the fresh air. Thermana Laško is located in an environment surrounded by a lot of greenery, which allows for pleasant walks in the park and the surrounding area.

Numerous trails and hills allow you to discover the beauty of nature and indulge in a relaxing environment.

Beekeeping is also an important part of the heritage of Laško and its surroundings. Many beekeepers in the region take care of bee colonies and produce high-quality honey and other bee products.

A visit to the apiary is a unique opportunity to learn about the life of bees and their importance for the environment, and to enjoy homemade honey from local beehives.

Cultural attractions in Laško and the surrounding area are rich and diverse. Tabor Castle and the nearby Celj Castle are among the biggest attractions in the region and attract visitors with their history and architecture.

A walk along the castle walls and a visit to the exhibitions allow you to delve into history and get to know the cultural heritage of the places.

Mining once flourished in the area of Laško, but today Polhova jama in Padež is one of the few where you can delve into the history of mining.

Lead and silver ore were mined here as early as the time of Maria Theresa, and abandoned tunnels today reveal the life and work of miners from the 18th century.

The choice of hotel is yours

With us, you can choose between two hotels that offer different options for your comfort and well-being. Hotel Zdravilišče Laško is known for its peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, and the outdoor pool allows you to refresh and relax in nature.

On the other hand, Thermana Park Hotel Laško offers several water experiences and activities for those who want more variety and adrenaline.

Regardless of your wishes and expectations, at Thermana Laško we strive to provide you with an unforgettable vacation full of relaxation, pleasure and exploration.

With our varied offer and friendly staff, we guarantee that you will go home refreshed, rested and full of good memories.

Why choose Thermana Laško for your next vacation? Because we specialize in affordable tourism that combines comfort, quality services and an authentic experience of nature.

Surrender to us and experience the best that Laško has to offer. See you soon in Thermana Laško, where time passes slowly, but experiences remain eternal.

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