Unique spas for couples

Unique spas for couples – An unforgettable experience in a charming thermal paradise

Have you ever dreamed of a perfect escape to the embrace of thermal springs, where you could share every moment with your loved one?

Thermana Laško invites you to discover a unique experience for couples, which is intended for everyone who wants pampering and a romantic escape from everyday life. Unique spas for couples invite you to completely disconnect from everyday life, where time stops and every moment flows into a gentle touch of pleasure, colored with refined elegance and romantic seduction.

When you step through the doors of Thermane Laško, a world of possibilities opens up for you and your partner. We offer you a wide range of pampering for couples, designed especially for couples.

From relaxing massages to romantic weekend getaways, our spas for couples are full of experiences for you to experience together, whether you have time for a whole weekend or just a few afternoons.

A romantic weekend for couples with breakfast in bed
Breakfast in bed

Dear, are you free tomorrow afternoon?

Every relationship needs a touch up now and then. In the fast pace of life, full of obligations, we don't always have to devote the whole weekend to it, but we can take an afternoon.

If you recognize yourself in the described, we suggest that you indulge in one of them romantic baths in Thermana Laško, accompanied by a wellness service, a massage and a delicious dinner for a wonderful end to the day.

At Thermana Laško, we believe in the power of closeness between partners, as this is the only key to lasting connection and love. And where can this closeness be more pronounced than in the embrace of a thermal bath, perhaps a massage for couples?

Termana Laško is the best spa for couples

The bath becomes a sacred space where you can relax and deepen your connection, while the thermal water gently embraces your body and soul.

We pride ourselves on our unique range of couples baths that go beyond the ordinary. Our Coconut Dream bath takes you to paradise, where the gentle scent of coconut and warm thermal water create an unforgettable experience.

For those who want an exotic experience, we recommend the Tropska pravljica bath, where you can completely relax and enjoy the quiet murmur of the thermal water.

For lovers of sweets, we suggest a bath Chocolate dreams or Honey hug, and for love in rhythm, a bath of Rock'n roll love. Or maybe you could spend time in the Gambrinus bath... We offer all of this in the spa for couples, where we always bet on love.

And what could be more romantic than pampering yourself in the bath together? Shared wellness treatment, massage and delicious dinner.

Add a Cocoa experience massage to a tropical fairy tale, chocolate lovers treat themselves to a chocolate massage of the whole body, and add a honey back massage to the sweetest love.

You are also invited to round off the afternoon, which turns into evening, with a delicious dinner.

A weekend just for you two

It's time to put yourself first. Now is the time to take a few days just for your love and take advantage of one of our couples' weekend getaway packages. We have prepared two exceptional packages that will color your stay with wellness, cuisine and romance.

The best spas for couples

A package Time for us includes accommodation in a double standard plus room with a beautiful view of the river, buffet breakfast and a romantic dinner for two at the à la carte restaurant.

To start your day romantically, we will be happy to arrange for breakfast to be served in your room and prepare a romantic bath for two in the Wellness Spa Center.

Romantic vacation package for two will pamper you with accommodation in a room with a view of the river, where we will also serve you breakfast for a great start to the day, a romantic dinner at the restaurant Pavus at the Tabor Laško Castle by top chef Marko Pavčnik, and dinner at the à la carte restaurant.

To make the break for couples unforgettable, they can relax in a romantic bath in the Wellness Spa Center.

In the embrace of thermal water

In the company of well-being, the two of you are always welcome in the wellness, sauna, or even just for a coffee and a cake, and any of the many activities for couples can always be upgraded by bathing in the unique Laka thermal water.

When your bodies touch the warm embrace of the thermal water, a sense of connection is gently awakened, connecting you on a deeper level.

The warmth of the water gently washes away the tension and worries of everyday life, creating a space for relaxation and renewal.

Romantic break for couples in Termana Laško

Together, step into a world where time stands still and let each wave of thermal water take you on a journey of complete relaxation and pampering under the famous glass dome.

Get to know the charming landscape and rich cultural heritage of Laško and the surrounding areas, which you can discover together during your vacation.

Explore the scenic walks along the Savinja River or climb the nearby Hum Hill for a great view of the surrounding hills. Visit local attractions such as Tabor Castle, where history and romance intertwine.

Pamper your taste buds with culinary delights in restaurants where tradition and modernity intertwine, and in the evenings enjoy magical sunsets by the Savinja River.

Together, create unforgettable memories in the best spas for couples that will remain etched in your hearts for a long time.

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