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The children's thermal spa at Thermana Laško is tailor-made for your little ones at every turn. Here are the most important activities designed to give your children an unforgettable holiday.

The unique glass dome under which our pools are located will be one of the first unforgettable memories for every child. Our children's spa offers daily children's animations, where our animators will provide exciting activities in and out of the pools. The animations are aided by a variety of modern movement aids. Your children will have unforgettable moments every day and will make new friends who will keep them entertained even after the animation is over. All games and animations are aimed at developing motor skills, having fun and learning new things. The animations outside the pool also include drawing and playing various interesting board games. Every day, the children will be visited by our mascots Vodomček and Vodomčica. Our mascots are very friendly to the children and always welcome them into their feathery embrace. The children often want to take photos with the mascots and take home magical experiences that they will remember for a long time.

In the indoor complex of our children's spa, there is a children's pool (34 °C), where your little ones will be able to splash around and experience their first contact with the thermal water. For older children, there are large indoor and outdoor recreation and massage pools, as well as a children's water fun area (32 °C).

In addition to the children's pools, water slides are one of the main attractions. In our children's spa, they can have fun on indoor and outdoor water slides. And don't forget the water slide, the fast river and the wave pool!

Castle Fortress

Thermana Laško also offers activities for children outside our complex. For example, we offer the Castle Fortress with a complex of ecological games made of environmentally friendly materials and according to the highest standards, where children can strengthen their motor skills. It is located at the edge of our spa park.

We suggest you take a look at the picture in the gallery below to see the attraction for yourself.

Swimming courses for children at the thermal spa

We try to combine swimming lessons for beginners as much as possible with different water games, as this way the children are more motivated. Swimming lessons take place in the children's water fun area or in the wave pool, where the water level gradually rises. They learn to dive head first into the water, look underwater, exhale into the water, float on their stomachs and backs, glide on the water, and move their arms and legs in the chest. The exercises are aimed at adapting to the water, and some people have already mastered basic swimming technique.

The courses are designed for swimmers who want to improve their swimming technique, whether at basic or advanced level, and for non-swimmers.
You can find out more about the swimming course on the attached link.

Why do we have one of the best thermal spa offers for children?

To make sure we really cater to children, you can take a closer look at the activities we offer at the children's spa below.


Full-day childcare is available for all children from 6 to 15 years old and runs every weekday during school holidays from 7:00 to 16:00. Activities include water and gym games, nature walks, creative workshops and learning the Kingfishers dance. Due to the limited number of children, pre-registration and booking at least one day in advance is required.

Exercise for babies and toddlers

Swimming is not only important for the child's motor and cognitive development, as it has many positive effects on the whole body (breathing, cardiovascular system, skeleton, musculature, thermoregulation). Connecting your child to the water and to swimming at the earliest age is very important, as systematic exercise in the water ensures the child's developmental progress, and also allows you to have fun, splash around and have special moments with your little one.

The warm water (31-32 °C), which is regularly monitored, makes exercising here particularly pleasant. In Thermana Laško, the training follows Fred's three-step programme, with special Fred rings to keep your child safe and in the optimal position for swimming. The rings are adapted to age and swimming skills.

Birthday celebration

Do you want your child to spend an active birthday at the spa? With happy splashing around in the thermal water, going down slides, swimming in the waves, enjoying bubbles, water games and fun with animators? And for the icing on the cake, after the water fun, we'll treat hungry tummies to children's favourites.

Two birthday packages are available: a party and a mega party, which promise an unforgettable water party in the Thermal Centre, a birthday menu of your choice, a photo shoot together and a gift for the birthday boy or girl.

VR Experience Room

The Thermana Park Hotel has a VR Experience Room where younger children can try out different virtual reality games. They can learn about the colourful Middle Ages, the time of the mighty Counts of Celje and the story of the tragic love of Frederick and Veronica, and help Frederick escape from the dungeon, play a tennis tournament, try their hand at various sports games, take a ride on the death train and try to escape from the escape room.

The VR Experience Room is open to both hotel and outside guests. Pre-registration at the hotel reception is required.

Children's wellness

Children often need relaxation and pampering too. That's why we have prepared special wellness treatments and care for them at the Wellness Spa Centre. There are princess manicures, facials and a chocolate massage that won't disappoint anyone.

The pampering is suitable for children from 5 to 13 years of age. 

Exploring your surroundings with children

Near the hotel complex, in the spa park, children and their parents can take a walk in the honey garden, answer a bee riddle, stretch their muscles on the fitness equipment or discover energy points with the help of a brochure available at the hotel reception.

The destination also offers numerous cycling and hiking trails, outdoor and indoor adventures - UNLOCK Laško and the Enigmarium Escape Room, located in the house where the first mug of beer was brewed.


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