Spas for children: An oasis of joy for the whole family in Laško

Welcome to the magical world of Thermane Laško, where children turn into little explorers, creators and developers, regardless of the season.

Our spas for children are more than just a place to relax; they are a real oasis for the whole family, where fun, relaxation and learning are intertwined in a unique experience. We know that children are full of energy and curiosity, which is why we have prepared special activities for them that delight them in all seasons.

Thermana Laško for children is a true paradise in all seasons. Here, children can indulge in the magical world of our thermal waters, where they play and enjoy nature, as the little water explorers say.

Children's wellness in our center is like a fairy tale, where the little prince or princess can enjoy being pampered like real royal descendants. In addition, we also have a variety of treatments for almost adult teenagers who want pampering and relaxation.

Thermana Laško - spas for children and families

The best spas for children for all seasons

In winter, the best spas for children become a real winter wonderland, where children can learn to ski on nearby ski slopes or simply enjoy the joys of snow.

After an active day on the snow, the warm embrace of our indoor pools and wellness center awaits them, where they can relax and warm up.

Children will be delighted by the children's pool with games, and parents will also be delighted by the bar next to the children's pool, where they can keep an eye on their child while drinking coffee. For additional fun, we also provide a wave pool and an indoor slide.

Which spa for children to choose?

And if you're worried, don't be... Even the little ones will never be too cold in our pool complex. Both children and parents will enjoy the pleasant whirlpools right under the glass dome, raised above the other pools.

The massage pools are enriched with warm thermal water, which has a temperature of 34 degrees, and adults can take care of irritated skin in the Kneipp corner.

The best spas for children are also an excellent choice in the warmer months, when nature awakens all its magic. In the summer, there are also outdoor pools, slides, a children's splash pad and a set of children's slides.

Children can enjoy the outdoor playground, have fun on the children's playground or go on an adventure by bike on the surrounding trails.

At Thermana Laško, we strive to live in harmony with nature, which is why we have available bicycles for the whole family, including children's bicycles. This way, the family can explore the surroundings together and enjoy the wonderful nature.

The best spas for children

For an even greater experience, we also prepare a picnic basket that you can take with you on trips to nature.

While the children are enjoying the activities, parents can treat themselves to a good beer offered by the brewing town of Laško, and some sweet pampering with Laško medenko, the true queen of desserts.

This is a unique local dessert in which honey, walnuts and heated cream intertwine, created with traditional preparation and the mastery of our chefs.

Infrastructure suitable for families

Families can stay in comfortable Family suites, which are spacious and suitable for all members of the family, and we pay special attention to accessibility with prams as well as other strollers, as we carefully follow the guidelines accessible tourism.

We also paid special attention to the connection between the rooms and the swimming pools - our rooms are designed in such a way that there are no long corridors and unpleasant drafts - from your room you can take a short walk in your bathrobe to the swimming pool, where pleasant thermal water awaits you.

This makes your vacation with us even more comfortable and pleasant, without unnecessary waiting or too long a walk.

At your request, we provide cots in the rooms so that your little ones can rest after a long day of exploring and having fun.

At Thermana Laško, we always do our best to make the stay of children and their parents as comfortable and pleasant as possible. That is why we have special children's chairs available in the dining rooms so that children can sit comfortably during meals.

Food for children in spas

The variety of food in our restaurant ensures that even children will find something to their taste. We also accommodate special dietary challenges or needs, so there will be something for everyone.

Additional experiences for children, youth and adults

In Thermana Laško, we also offer a special experience for slightly older children and children at heart - a VR room, where they can immerse themselves in the world of virtual reality and experience unforgettable adventures.

Virtual reality in Thermana Laško

In addition, every child is always greeted warmly by our popular mascots Vodomček and Vodomčica, whom children adore.

You can visit them together in a mini-disc, where they spin with them to the music, dance and create unforgettable memories.

Why are Thermana the best spas for children?

Because we adapt to all their needs, wishes and playful spirit. Our offer is rich, varied and adapted to both younger and older children, while we take care of comfort, safety and an unforgettable experience for the whole family with packages tailored just for you.

At Thermana Laško, we are proud to be able to create unforgettable moments for your family in all seasons.

Our spas are more than just a spa for children - they are a place to relax; are a true adventure where children can learn, explore and have fun surrounded by the love and care of our friendly staff.

Whether you enjoy winter joys or summer adventures, we are here to fill your days with laughter, joy and carefreeness.

For an experience that you will carry in your heart long after you leave our thermal baths, visit us and let us create magical memories for your family together.

See you soon in Thermana Laško, where every day becomes a fairytale adventure!

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