The best spas for knee rehabilitation

Which knee spa? The best choice for rehabilitation

Looking for the best spa for knee rehabilitation? Thermana Laško is the right choice for you. Our medical center offers comprehensive treatment and superior services for the rehabilitation of knee injuries and diseases.

In the following, we present to you why we are the best choice and what services we can offer you for optimal recovery.

Comprehensive treatment for knee rehabilitation

Which thermals for the knee

At Thermana Laško, we are aware that knee rehabilitation is a complex process that requires an individual approach.

Our Medical Center offers a wide range of services that are specially adapted to the treatment and rehabilitation of the knee.

Our specialist clinics include orthopaedics, physiatry, physiotherapy and other professional activities, which together ensure quality treatment and effective treatment.

Knee treatment and rehabilitation services

1. Orthopedic examinations and interventions

In our orthopedic outpatient clinic, we carry out detailed examinations and diagnostics of knee injuries and diseases.

Our experienced orthopedists perform pre-operative counseling and various minor orthopedic procedures, such as joint punctures, injections of drugs into soft tissues and joints, and blocks for pain relief.

2. Physiotherapy for the knee

Physiotherapy is crucial for successful knee rehabilitation. At Thermana Laško, we offer individual physiotherapy programs tailored to the needs of each patient.

Before starting the therapies, each patient consults with a therapist, who determines the most suitable methods and techniques based on the medical history and tests.

Our physiotherapists use various procedures such as balneotherapy, kinesiotherapy, electrotherapy, magnetotherapy, laser therapy, thermotherapy, phototherapy and hypobaric therapy.

3. Balneotherapy

Thermal baths are extremely useful for treating pain and improving joint mobility. Our thermal water helps to relax muscles and joints, improves blood circulation and has an analgesic effect.

Balneotherapy is an integral part of our physiotherapy programs for the knee, as it helps to recover faster and improve general well-being.

4. Special manual therapy techniques

Our therapists are trained to perform special manual therapy techniques, which include joint mobilization, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, treatment according to Cyriax, Maitland and Mulligan, lymphatic drainage, treatment of Trigger points, Bowen therapy and Bobath therapy.

These techniques are extremely effective in restoring knee functionality and reducing pain.

Advantages of choosing Thermane Laško

Spa for knee rehabilitation

1. Expertise and experience

Thermana Laško can boast of many years of experience and expertise in the field of knee rehabilitation.

Our specialists come from reputable medical institutions such as UKC Ljubljana, UKC Maribor, Celje General Hospital and Valdoltra Orthopedic Hospital

2. Individual approach

Every patient is unique, so we adapt our services to individual needs. Our programs are designed to provide the best possible results for everyone.

3. Comprehensive treatment

Thermana Laško offers a comprehensive treatment that includes all aspects of knee rehabilitation. From orthopedic examinations to physiotherapy and special manual therapy techniques - all in one place.

4. Advanced medical equipment

In our medical center, we use the most modern medical equipment that enables accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of knee injuries and diseases.

Health programs

In addition to specific programs for knee rehabilitation, Thermana Laško also offers a number of health programs aimed at general improvement of well-being and prevention.

Our expert staff will share valuable tips for maintaining joint and muscle health and guide you in proper eating and exercise habits.

Together we will make sure that you feel great and full of energy, regardless of your age or current state of health.

Thermana Laško boasts a long tradition and expertise. In 2024, we celebrate 170 years of operation, which makes us one of the most experienced and respected providers of health and wellness services in the region.

In 2023, we also celebrated 70 years of medical rehabilitation, which proves our commitment to continuous progress and excellence.

Over the decades, we have developed and refined our methods and approaches to offer our patients and guests the best possible solutions to their health problems.

Join us at Thermana Laško and experience superior care based on a rich history and invaluable experience.


The answer to the question of which knee spa to choose is clear - Thermana Laško.

Our comprehensive treatment, expertise and state-of-the-art equipment provide the best conditions for successful knee rehabilitation. Don't delay and contact us today to start your journey to recovery together.

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If you are wondering which knee spa to choose, Thermana Laško is the right answer. Our superior services and professional team will help you recover quickly and efficiently.

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