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Goran Dragić replanted trees in the Laško Health Park


We are happy to announce that our outstanding basketball player Goran Dragić, one of the most successful Slovenian athletes of all time, has once again enriched the Laško Health Park with new trees.

Goran, who has been organizing a basketball camp for children in Laško since 2021, in accordance with the sustainable philosophy of his charity foundation, started creating Gogi's tree grove last year together with Thermana Laško and many sponsors and partners.

About the Gogi tree grove project

Goran Dragić replanted trees in the Laško Health Park

Gogijev drevesni gaj je trajnostni projekt, ki ga ponosno podpirajo Fundacija Goran Dragić, Thermana Laško ter številni drugi deležniki.

The goal of the project is to expand Gogi's tree grove by an additional four trees every year, with the hope that eventually a tree will stand in this beautiful environment for each of the seasons that Dragić spent in the best basketball league in the world - the NBA League.

"Basketball on grass"

Ornamental pear

In the Laško Health Park, 5 ornamental pears are planted, symbolizing the basketball five. 3 Polish maples have also found their place, representing the players on the bench and team spirit.

These new plantings not only enrich the park, but also bring symbolism and meaning in the sporting spirit that Goran Dragić and his foundation want to emphasize.

Thus, "basketball on grass" brings a new dimension and freshness to the Laško Health Park and connects sport and nature even more.

The importance of the project

The importance of the project

The Gogi tree grove project draws attention to the importance of reducing the carbon footprint and caring for nature and the environment in which we live.

The common goal of all stakeholders is to contribute to a better future through sustainable measures and awareness of the importance of environmental protection.

Prvi niz dreves je bil zasajen leta 2023,  našo zavezo trajnosti in skrbi za naravo pa nadaljujemo z zasajanjem dreves prihodnosti, ki so odporne na vremenske spremembe in prispevajo h ohladitvi vse bolj segretega ozračja.

Together for a better future

Goran Dragić and all project partners believe that we can create a better future for everyone with small steps and sustainable projects.

We look forward to the continuation of the project and new trees, which will contribute to an even more beautiful and healthier environment in the Laško Health Park.

Goran Dragič sponzorji

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