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Promotional Wellness offer in June


Wellness back massage and Energy Facelift (90 min)
Instead of €81.00, only €64.80

Take care of a spring energy boost in one visit. A relaxing back massage, upgraded with a unique energy treatment. By placing the hands on the décolletage, neck and face, the body is moved and restores the flow of energy, thus allowing it to undergo dynamic changes.

Moisturizing face care - Heart of the Ocean (60 min)

Instead of €65.00, only €52.00

Facial care includes: cleansing, peeling, eyebrow shaping, facial massage, mask, collagen drink.


Relaxing wellness massages

We suggest you treat yourself to a relaxing massage with the scent of lemongrass.

  • Wellness body and head massage (60 min) €60.00
  • Wellness body massage (50 min) €55.00
  • Wellness back massage (30 min) €35.00


From the wide range of wellness services, we also recommend:

Honey body massage (60 min) €64.00

A classic Swedish massage in which a specially developed honey ointment is used, which consists of four bee products - honey, pollen, propolis and wax, as well as sunflower oil as a carrier oil. The ointment nourishes, nourishes, moisturizes, softens, rejuvenates the skin and naturally removes microorganisms and impurities.

Cocoa experience (45 min) €52.00

In this home treatment, we use 100% natural cocoa butter, which moisturizes, softens, nourishes the skin and keeps it supple.

Dry brushing of the body with a rejuvenating wrap (60 min) €55.00

The dry brushing technique, in addition to removing dead cells, also accelerates the elimination of toxins. The skin becomes more flexible, brighter and smoother, the circulation of blood and lymph fluid improves, which helps to improve the appearance of orange skin. The coating with an anti-inflammatory effect provides deep care and also reduces dryness and rough skin structure.

A gift for you: a brush to perform this ritual at home.

We accept reservations on tel. number 03 423 2045 or e-mail address: info.wellness-spa@thermana.si.

Center for health and well-being

  • Classic half massage with parafango wrap (50 min), instead of €48.00, only €38.40
  • Moisturizing facial treatment - Heart of the Ocean (60 min), instead of €65.00, only €52.00

The promotion is valid for members Thermana Club

We accept reservations on tel. number 03 734 5771 or e-mail address: wellness.zdravilisce@thermana.si.

01.05. - 30.06.2024

Dear guests,

We are continuing with the renovation of the Laško Medical Center, the reception point for access to our clinics. Despite the renovation, you can have uninterrupted access to all clinics and desired services.

For additional information regarding the accessibility and work of clinics, you can contact the hotel reception of Zdravilišča Laško or the reception of the Medical Center, where we will be happy to help you.

The renovation will last from June 3 until the expected end of August 2024.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Thermane d.d. team

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